Monday, January 28, 2013

JU Rhythms with birds, butterfly and red lily

 Jahangirnagar University accustomed as a fully residential accessible university of Bangladesh in 1970 is full of natural beauty adjacent to the capital city of the country. Every year migratory birds come here on the ever green university campus relying on the safety and security honored to them by the students, teachers and all walks of peoples.

It may be that the red lily and green plants specially draw the birds to the campus of nature. The university has now 34 Departments and Six Faculties along with two Institutes, with more than fifteen thousand students, and about five hundred academics adherent to teaching and research. 
Its beauties are in its land structure, lakes, migratory birds, different plants, medicinal herbs, cultural activities, writers friendly environment, academic excellence, values for humanity, student -teacher relationship, media corner through journalists association, TSC, cafeteria, exceptional views of dormitories and more over red lilies. It is really an excellent reading place. Its teachers and students feel pleasure to introduce themselves as Jahangirnagarian also. 

In a third world country like Bangladesh where resources are very limited, peoples basic needs are not possible to be entirely met, law and order is not enough for security of its civilians, police and administration are mostly biased on political consideration, good governance and human rights are the issues of seminar and discussions only, values are near to be abolished, democracy is the slogan for all autocratic decisions, jobs and employments are under quota and bribe system merely instead of merit then what kind of change the university teachers and students will bring in future it is very important for the people.
People pay highly for the higher education in Bangladesh. But the university education is not at that level where student will practice free thinking, cultural activities, even academic excellence because of polluted student politics and parallel partisan teachers politics also. 

The sprawling arresting campus is anchored 30 kilometres from the basic Dhaka, able-bodied affiliated with a civic highway. The aboriginal assembly of Independent Bangladesh accepted the university its Charter in 1973 beneath which the university is getting operated. 
The badge of the university bears the civic annual ‘white lily’ (Lilium condidu) with three petals belted by strips of a acceptable floral architecture with the name of the university in Bangla ensconcing in a semi-circle like a band of flowers. Located at Savar abreast Dhaka, Jahangirnagar University is one of the arch Universities in Bangladesh. 

 It was formally launched on 12th January 1970 by its aboriginal adjudicator Rear Admiral S.M. Ahsan, Governor of above East Pakistan. After Emergence of Bangladesh the Government allowable the Jahangirnagar University Act 1973, which repealed the antecedent authorization and renamed the University as Jahangirnagar University. 

The University owes its present appearance to this act beneath which it is now functioning. Teaching Establishment: 20th August, 1970; Academic Year: 1st July to 30th June and Land Area: 697.56 Acre. 

However, academic excellence and research activities leading unfolding the new eras of peoples living standard and livelihood security with improved governance in the country can immensely increase the image of the university. Good luck Jahangirnagar!

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